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AesirX Shield of Privacy: Reclaim Your Privacy

AesirX Shield of Privacy: Reclaim Your Privacy

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Reclaim Your Privacy with AesirX Shield of Privacy

A new method for websites to gather marketing data without violating your privacy. With a free ID, you control data sharing & withdraw consent any time.

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Secure & Protect Your Data on the Internet

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Your Data, Your Rules

In the digital age, personal data has become a currency, often exploited by big tech companies. Now, you can choose a solution that works in harmony to drive privacy, consent & ethics.

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Trust in Decentralized Consent

Shield of Privacy is a new technology websites use to get valuable marketing data without violating your privacy. With a free unique ID, you can fully control data sharing & withdraw your consent any time.

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Choose Your Tier

Choose your Shield of Privacy tier when you sign up: It’s your personalized privacy NFT. The higher the NFT tier, the more benefits you get.

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Why use Shield of Privacy?

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Reclaim Your Privacy

Gain full control over your personal data. With Decentralized Consent, you decide how & where your data is used.

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Exclusive @Web3 ID

Acquire a unique Web3 ID that's truly yours. It's not just an identity; it's your digital passport to the online world.

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Personalized Privacy NFT

Receive a custom NFT that's exclusively yours. It's a digital collectible that showcases your commitment to digital privacy.

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Single Sign On (Web2+Web3)

Enjoy a hassle-free & secure social media experience with our Single Sign On solution. It's convenience & privacy rolled into one.

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Age & Residency Verification

Ensure your online interactions align with your age & residency requirements. It's privacy with peace of mind.

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Content Creator Tools

Access our Creator Tool & make up to 1000 daily posts. Share your creativity without limits & reach your audience securely.

Decentralized Identity: It’s Your Choice

Choose from 4 consent levels for tailored data protection & personalization, with or without Web3 IDs & Web3 wallets.

Read how decentralized IDs are changing online privacy for you, organizations, & developers.

Why We All Need Decentralized Identity
for Online Privacy & Security

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The Power of WEB3 Collaboration

Shield of Privacy is built on Concordium Web3 ID technology

Concordium's Zero-Knowledge Proofs (ZKPs)

verify the accuracy of your information without the need to expose or store your sensitive data online. You get to keep your privacy & businesses know they're dealing with the real person.

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Don't just take our word for it;
Concordium's identity layer has been proven secure.

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AesirX Shield of Privacy is utilizing zero Knowledge security & ID through Concordium based on the scientific study "Balancing Privacy and Accountability in Blockchain Identity Management", supported by Concordium Blockchain Research Center (COBRA) & Torben Pryds Pedersen as Technical Advisor.

Torben Pryds Pedersen

Technical Advisor

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Introducing AesirX’s leveling system for NFTs

With your Shield of Privacy NFT, unlock exclusive rewards based on your Share2Earn, Affiliate2Earn, & Contribute2Earn status.

Level up & enjoy benefits like early access, priority support, & exclusive events.

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$AESIRX Multi Purpose Token

Create value, maximize rewards

$AESIRX tokens are set to play an important role in the decentralized finance ecosystem. You can use your $AESIRX tokens to purchase AesirX software licenses & access exclusive benefits in the AesirX network.

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Do you want to create & own an NFT?

Step 1


  • Choose your preferred sign-up method: Ethereum wallets, Concordium browser wallet, or Email.
  • Visit the registration page at 
  • Proceed with your selected registration method. 
Step 2

NFT Claim Process

Using Ethereum Wallets (Metamask, Trust Wallet, Brave Wallet):

  • Log in to the AesirX dApp.
  • Connect your Concordium wallet and claim your NFT (optional).

Using Concordium Browser Wallet:

  • Log in to the AesirX dApp.
  • Mint your NFT for Free.

Using Email:

  • Receive an activated email.
  • Change your password.
  • Log in to the AesirX dApp.
  • Connect your Concordium wallet.
  • Claim your NFT.
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Get Shield of Privacy & secure your ID today!